France gets ready for its inaugural World Butchers’ Challenge

With just over one week until the World Butchers’ Challenge takes place, it’s time to meet the fourth and final team challenging The British Beefeaters for the title. 

For the first time, France will be joining Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia to battle it out for first place.

The members representing France are:
•    Didier Massot (captain)
•    Yoann Mounier-Vehier
•    Aurélien Brise
•    Joseph Fagnani
•    Lucas Bayle
•    Joël Lucas

France may be a new entrant to this year’s competition, but it is sure to make an impression on the other competitors. Aside from having the advantage of looking at the challenge from a fresh approach, France is also known for its seam techniques, which surely sets itself apart from the competition.

Team France Boucherie comprises a group of formidable professionals which is sure to prove a threat to the more experienced teams. Among them is Lucas Bayle, one of the continent’s most talented young butchers,  who has already been named ‘one of the best apprentices in France’ and has won the title of individual European champion.  

Meanwhile, Brise has won an award as best apprentice in France and has even been named ‘one of the best workers in France’.

The other members of the team have years of experience and knowledge behind them, which they hope will give them that cutting edge.

The outcome of this year’s World Butchers’ Challenge is still to be revealed, but the latest addition to the competition is sure to put extra pressure on the veterans.

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