Food fault investigation service launched

A new service has been introduced into the food manufacturing sector that investigates faults in foods. The system is delivered by Public Analyst Scientific Services (PASS) – part of the Eurofins Scientific Group. 

Testing will be determined through a network of laboratories to analyse authenticity, quality and food safety. In addition, PASS is offering a complaints investigation service. This includes foreign body identification, taint and off-flavour analysis, and authenticity and quality checks.

“Newspaper headlines about insects, glass, plastics or other foreign bodies found in food by consumers are common,” commented Sue Riley from Eurofins. “This kind of negative exposure, especially when fuelled by social media, can have a devastating effect on a brand.

“At Eurofins we recognise that food retailers and manufacturers need to be able to respond to consumer complaints with accurate information as quickly as possible. This service, provided by our team of public analysts, ensures that a high level of expertise, knowledge and experience is applied in the interpretation of results to give to customers.”

To help consumers access the service in a fast and efficient manner, a new web-based interface will be launched. This service will provide a link to the reporting and trending functionality of Eurofins’ euro-portal, which will allow customers to highlight potential problem products. Subsequently, this will lead to preventative action and a potential reduction in complaints and associated costs.

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