Producers encouraged to attend livestock genetic conference

Livestock producers looking to improve the genetics of stock and the efficiency of the business are being encouraged to sign up to the latest ON-Farm 2016 event. 

Delivered by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC), the series of events are designed to share information and ideas developed from an agricultural research programme.

The event will take place at NPTC Colleges’ Newton Campus on Thursday, 15 September and will see a group of genetic experts – supported by HCC – congregate to discuss practical advice with lamb and beef producers. This in turn will allow them to maximise their investment for the greatest returns.

“HCC supports a portfolio of research projects with a set of highly distinguished industry partners that cover vital areas of supply chain activity,” said James Ruggeri, HCC’s industry development executive. “Farmers can hear, see and understand directly how research work impact positively on their businesses – and then utilise its benefits to boost sustainable production.

“This is part of HCC’s grassroots activity to help farmers across Wales benefit directly from the wide-ranging body of research work undertaken annually under HCC’s umbrella.”

The event will be led by Dr Kirsty Moore of Scotland’s Rural College where she will share her knowledge of how to use beef estimated breeding values for improved carcase traits.

Dr Eleri Price of Waitrose Farming Partnership will also be present at the meeting. She is a past HCC scholar and she will discuss the best protocols for meeting the public’s demand for a quality meat eating experience. She will talk about the information she learnt as a result of her scholarship experience in 2014 when she had the opportunity to travel to Australia and New Zealand to compare the process in genetic selection for lamb meat yield and quality.

Oliver Hodgkinson of Trefaldwyn Vets will complete the line-up where he will promote HCC’s summer campaign to boost ram fertility and farmers’ profitability by sharing best practice methods to get the most out of rams ahead of tupping season.

“Each and every farmer who attends this session will be armed with simple, practical advice that will help them introduce new genetic selection practices to increase quality and boost profitability,” continued Ruggeri.

“HCC is also pleased to be working with NPTC College’s students. A specially-tailored session with the guest speakers will be held for the agriculture students, and professional catering students will prepare light refreshments for the evening event, including Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef dishes.”

For those interested in attending the event, they should contact or call 01970 625050.

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