Welsh meat board to support new GCSE qualification

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is providing training and materials for teachers as part of a new GCSE qualification in food and nutrition. 

The course has been designed to educate students with the knowledge and skills required to cook and apply principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating.

HCC will be helping communicate the role that red meat plays in a healthy and balanced diet.

“Cooking is an increasingly popular pastime for young people, and can lead to a range of rewarding careers in hospitality and tourism,” said Elwen Roberts (pictured, right), HCC’s consumer executive. “But the course will also be extremely attractive for students who are interested in expanding fields such as product development, dietetics and sports science.

“Through this new GCSE course, students can learn, for instance, how lean red meat is a good source of iron, protein, zinc and several vitamins, and is naturally low in sodium, but of course it’s best consumed as part of a healthy balanced died,” added Roberts.

“Food provenance is a key part of the new specification. Students will learn, for instance, about schemes such as the flagship PGI status which Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef enjoy.”

The food and drink GCSE will be a topic of discussion at the HCC meat and education conference in Cardiff on 19 November.

The red meat board has recently appointed Rhys Llywelyn as its new head of marketing. In this position, Llywelyn will be responsible for overseeing the work of the red meat meat levy board in promoting PGI Welsh Lamb, PGI Welsh Beef and pork from Wales in both the UK and its export markets.

"This is a time of opportunities and challenges; none more so than the changing relationship with Europe, which accounts for over 90% of Welsh Lamb exports," he said. "It's vital that our industry nurtures our existing business relationships, while being flexible and creative in exploring new opportunities to promote our outstanding produce."

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