Premium products are the way forward

While at times it felt as though summer didn’t really happen in 2016, there was plenty of positivity. 

And what do Brits love more than anything when the sun makes an appearance? A barbecue laden with meat! 

When it comes to hosting barbecues, shoppers pull out the stops to impress friends and family and are more inclined to purchase premium products, spending a little more. Also, with barbecues often taking place on the spur of the moment, due to unpredictable weather, shoppers will often opt for fresh produce over frozen.

We asked shoppers what their main purchases were when hosting barbecues and a whopping 88% said burgers. In fact, meat in general comes out on top over other barbecue essentials such as alcohol, sides and bread. Couple this with £27.83 being the average amount people are willing to spend on food & drink for barbecues, there is optimum room for premiumisation in the meat category here.

Local butchers who use premium packaging and fresh local produce will bring a USP for any c-store retailer. When we asked shoppers how important the quality of fresh meat in convenience stores was, more than 25% said “very important”.    

So while we all pack away our barbecue grills for another year, now is a good
time to start thinking about how to premiumise your meat products to cater for this widening gap in the market
next summer.

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