Innovative technology extends meat products’ life

The butchery sector is benefiting from a new piece of technology designed to increase shelf-life and speed up the maturation process of meat.

Dave Whittingham, founder of Advanced Air Hygiene, and Dr David Glover, creator of Plasma Clean, have joined forces to develop the AirKlean S air disinfection unit. The innovative piece of technology disinfects small and enclosed spaces that require infection and odour control.

As air hygiene plays an important role in retaining the quality of meat, it is important to keep standards high to deter airborne organisms that can contaminate and cause spoilage.

The AirKlean S is suitable for use in cold stores, and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. The unit draws air and passes it over high-intensity UV light, cleansing and destroying 99.9% of airborne microbes including bacteria, spores, viruses, moulds, yeast and fungi.

In turn, this reduces the bioburden for butchers and extends the life of pork and lamb products as well as improving dry-aged beef by reducing the time required to mature the meat.

“Dave and I have spent the past two years pooling our expertise and resources to develop a unit that is efficient, affordable and easy to fit,” commented Glover.

“We manufacture each unit at our factory in the UK for quality assurance; the investment results in cost savings that are directly attributable to a reduction in waste and reduction in time for maturing beef.”

Martin Player, of Martin Player Butchers in Cardiff, commended the development. “This is definitely the best piece of equipment I have bought in years,” he said. “In fact, I was so impressed that I fitted another into my other chiller. This makes maturation much easier, as I now get a lot less trim after boning.”

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