Cabrito and Farm Africa team up for #Goatober

UK goat meat producer James Whetlor of Cabrito has teamed up with development charity Farm Africa for the first-ever #Goatober. 

The aim of #Goatober is to reduce the waste associated with goats, which are typically just used for their milk in the UK. Cabrito and Farm Africa. It is hoped that by putting it at the forefront of consumer’s minds as a dish, it will create a global appetite for the product.

Whetlor said: “We’re trying to solve a problem in the UK food chain by highlighting waste and finding ways to make it more sustainable. It seems distasteful to throw things away when farmers in Africa have so little.”

As part of the campaign, some top restaurants have committed to putting a goat dish on their menu.

Speaking at the Restaurant Show where he did a presentation on goat meat, Whetlor explained the initiative. “If we can get the whole of the industry included and get more and more people talking about what happens to these Billy goats, how it’s unsustainable both economically and environmentally to knock these animals on the head and chuck them in the bin; if we can change the goat dairy industry and show that these large industries can change their practices then maybe it’s something that can move across farming more generally.

“Goatober is part of trying to get people to look at their purchasing decisions and to see that goat meat is not maybe what they think it is. These old animals, smelly and scruffy tied to a post with a bit of string but well reared, well looked after British products that are delicious and hugely versatile.”

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