Broughgammon goat charcuterie products launched

Northern Irish producers of goat and rose veal products, Broughgammon, has introduced new charcuterie products, created on its farm-based processing unit. 

The family-run company, based in Co Antrim, has produced a kid goat pancetta – made from goat belly that has been cured for three weeks in juniper, black pepper and garlic - and free range rose veal carpaccio.

In addition, the company has launched a new free range rose veal pastrami. The products will be available at country markets across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and on the company’s website.

“Innovation is the lifeblood of our business,” said Millie Cole, director of the firm. “Our strategic focus is on maximising the potential of our animals through the creation of new products which will encourage consumers to try cabrito and rose veal, meats which don’t usually feature on dinner tables in Northern Ireland and the Republic.

“We’ve also seen an encouraging growth here in charcuterie meats over the past year. In addition, we provide venison and game.”

All the products are developed from the award-winning businesses 300-strong goat herd on its 48–acre coastal farm.

Aside from its goat herd, the family also rear Holstein bull calves for veal, as well as harvesting seven types of seaweed from the shore near the farm.

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