New Lite Beef range promises less fat than traditional cuts

Online retailer has launched a new range of beef products that it believes contains 14 times less fat than standard cuts. 

The Lite Beef range is made up of five different skus – rump, sirloin, ribeye, minute and diced beef – and has been produced on Brookfield Farm in Dorset. The cattle used have been aged slightly older than veal, but not as long as standard beef.

Darren Beale, from, said: “Until now few people would view steak as a health food and, for many, it has been seen as a guilty treat due to its high fat content.

“But with this new range, customers can still stick to their diet as well as indulge in a real meat feast. We believe we have developed the very first health food steak.”  

He added that it had already been well-received by consumers. “We’ve already had some rave reviews from customers who have tried our Lite Beef and they also prefer the taste compared to usual beef.
“It’s particularly tender and isn’t as heavy as the standard alternative, making it a great option for anyone watching their weight, for fitness fans or simply those that love a delicious meaty meal.”

Brookfield Farm has won two Compassion in World Farming awards for its calf-rearing programme.

The range has also been praised by Compassion in World Farming. A spokesman said: “We applaud Brookfield Farm’s continued progress on the use of male calves from the dairy industry and their innovative marketing of the product to the consumer as ‘Lite Beef’.  

“Rearing male dairy calves in higher-welfare systems, as practised by Brookfield Farm, ensures these calves are no longer an unwanted by-product of the dairy industry, and are able to have a good quality of life, delivering a high-quality product.”

Lite Beef Product

Fat Content per 100g

Standard Beef Product

Fat Content per 100g

Rump steak 1.3g Beef, rump steak, raw, lean and fat 10.1g
Sirloin steak 4.3g Beef, sirloin steak, raw, lean and fat 12.7g
Ribeye steak 4g 2 x 7-8oz free range matured ribeye steaks 10.2g
Minute steak 0.4g 4oz matured British minute steak 5.6g
Diced beef 0.6g Extra lean diced Great British beef - 400g 3.4g

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