Halal food brand hits more than 110 Sainsbury’s stores

Up to five Haloodies lines will be available in more than 110 Sainsbury's stores
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Halal food brand Haloodies has launched its ready-to-eat cooked chicken range into more than 110 Sainsbury’s stores and has extended its presence with Tesco and AmazonFresh.

KKR Halal, the company behind the brand, hit headlines this summer, when it launched 16 lines through online delivery service AmazonFresh in Central and East London on 11 June. It followed this in July by introducing seven chicken lines in 46 Tesco stores.

The business has now announced that it is introducing five ready-to-eat cooked chicken lines in more than 110 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK and six new AmazonFresh lines, available in 190 postcodes across Greater London.

“Sainsbury’s has been very receptive to the new Haloodies range and has gone to great lengths to understand and meet the needs of the halal consumer,” said Noman Khawaja, Haloodies co-founder and sales director of KKR Halal. “We look forward to forming a long-lasting relationship with Sainsbury’s.”

Up to eight lines of ready-to-eat cooked chicken, made with 100% chicken breast, would now also be available in more than 200 Tesco stores, including more than 100 Tesco Express stores. Tesco has also introduced a new ready-to-eat line, Red Thai Skewers (120g), into a limited number of outlets.

“Our partnership with Tesco has allowed us to introduce a new line very soon after launching in July and to increase stores rapidly,” added Khawaja. “AmazonFresh continues to grow in availability across Greater London and we are excited to increase the Haloodies range.”

Sliced Cajun Chicken Breast 130g £2.00 Tesco, Sainsbury's, AmazonFresh
Battered Chicken Fillet x2 230g £2.50 Tesco, Sainsbury's, AmazonFresh
Peri Peri Chicken Mini Split Sticks 132g £2.50 Tesco, Sainsbury's, AmazonFresh
Southern Fried Chicken Fillet x2 200g £2.50 Tesco, Sainsbury's, AmazonFresh
Southern Fried Chicken Mini Fillet 200g £2.50 Tesco & AmazonFresh
Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets 120g £2.00 Tesco & AmazonFresh
Sliced Tikka Chicken Breast 130g £2.00 Sainsbury's & AmazonFresh
Sliced Chicken Breast 130g £2.00 AmazonFresh
Red Thai Skewers 120g £3.00 Tesco
Battered Chicken Bites 150g £2.00 Exclusive to Tesco

After its launch in 2014, KKR Halal became the first company to offer a halal meat brand to Ocado and the first to introduce a fresh halal range into Harrods.

The chilled cooked chicken segment was relatively new for halal consumers and reflected the millennial Muslim’s need for convenience, KKR Halal claimed.

“Kantar Worldpanel data shows that basket spend of shoppers buying halal products is greater than that of those that don’t and retailers need to ensure they offer genuine halal brands,” said Imran Kausar, Haloodies co-founder and managing director of KKR Halal.

• Tesco dominates the halal market, with almost 50% share [Kantar Worldpanel]

• Sainsbury’s has a 19% share [Kantar Worldpanel]

• Half of the UK’s Muslims are under the age of 30 [UK Census 2011]

• They value convenience and well-presented modern brands [KKR Halal]

• A Muslim middle class has emerged in the UK, with broadly unmet needs [Muslim Council of Britain]

• The UK halal market is worth £2.6bn a year [KKR Halal]

• Ramadan has become the third most important religious event in the supermarket calendar after Christmas and Easter [KKR Halal]

• UK Muslim spending power is estimated at more than £20bn [KKR Halal]

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