‘Save’ Brigade: You cannot be serious

Pigs in truck

If you’re an FBO carrying out your daily business you could be forgiven for not understanding my headline. Bear with me. 

‘Save’ is a new, growing and increasingly concerning protest movement that is setting up abattoir protests using Facebook.

Whilst I accept they have the right to express views in a peaceful way, things are getting increasingly aggressive and vegan pressure groups such as Animal Aid appear to be joining them.

Recently they have been stopping lorries and reaching through vents to take photos and footage and attempting to climb onto moving wagons. That’s not just stupid, but provocative and dangerous.

‘Save’ is also setting up splinter groups. Pig Save, for example, gets it money from a Yorkshire-based vegan group who seem to employ a few people full time to recruit more supporters.

You can find ‘West Yorkshire Save’, ‘East London Chicken Save’, ‘Manchester Pig Save’ ‘Devon Save’  and so on, quite easily.

This time there’s nothing covert about the actions of these activists, it’s plain intimidation. I could spend time making jibes about the views of these nutters bearing their so-called ‘witness and love to animals in their last moments’ but that would make it sound like it was not something to be taken seriously. Believe me it is. Be vigilant, make sure you’re not a target, If you are, film it, involve the police and above all keep cool.

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