Sheep industry warned of fraudulent advertising offer

Breed societies and exhibitors that support the National Sheep Association (NSA) events are being told to remain wary of a scam offering free advertising. 

Many companies and organisations have reported that they received a form providing the free advertising in an ‘Expo Guide’ for NSA events. However, the form does not display an NSA logo, with the registered address located in Mexico.

“Any correspondence the NSA sends out is clearly identified with our name, logo and full address (including the postcode),” said Helen Davies, NSA sheep event organiser. “If you receive anything that is not clearly branded as coming from NSA, please ignore it.”

Whereas the advertising for the Expo Guide is labelled as being free, the small print says that anybody returning the form to the Mexico address using the provided freepost envelope will be charge €1,271 per year for three years, or the equivalent in Mexican pesos.

“It is very frustrating that these fraudsters continue to use our name to try and fool people, and we wish there was a way to stop them,” added Davies. “Please do not be taken in by the scam and always look out for the NSA logo on all correspondence.”

The NSA warned that any communication from this Expo Guide company or anything labelled with the Mexican address should be assumed to be linked to this fraud.

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