Toppings Pies heads to the Channel Islands

Yorkshire-based family bakery firm, The Topping Pie Company, has secured listings with The Channel Islands Co-Operative Society. 

The society has teamed up with local food distributor Cimandis to supply the islands with quality products from the UK.

Toppings’ speciality pies and Dinky Topped pork pies have been launched in the refurbished Grande Marché St Helier store in Jersey, with the pies being rolled out into three additional outlets, one more in Jersey and two in Guernsey, within the next three months.

A variety of products from Toppings will be introduced in a further 20 outlets on the islands in the retail, hospitality, pub, café, sports, leisure and airport sectors.

“We are delighted to work with local food distributor Cimandis to launch the Toppings brand into the Channel Islands,” said Roger Topping, managing director for the company.

“The Channel Islands Co-operative Society listing is a significant contract for us and we are proud to be among a selection of handpicked suppliers by the retailer which values quality and great taste on its deli counters.”

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society is a community retailer, owned by members in Jersey and Guernsey, offering the largest range of products sourced from local producers in the islands. Whereas it supports local producers, it has recognised the need to introduce lines from international firms to complement and extend its delicatessen range.

“We are a business which is committed to growing local and national brands across the Channel Islands and we have worked with Roger and Matt [Topping, sales director] to launch Toppings Pies into the Islands,” added Dave Chalk, managing director at Cimandis. “The Channel Islands Co-operative Society has been incredibly supportive of Toppings Pies alongside a number of other brands we launched in recent months.”

Over 300 ranges, that will be changed depending on the seasons, will be introduced into the world food-focused delicatessens.

“Each one of the suppliers has been handpicked for the quality of their products,” commented Kenny McDonald, head of retail operations for The Channel Islands Co-operative Society. “They’ve enjoyed having the chance to sample products from around the world and because new products will be added, there will always be something different to offer.”

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