A roller coaster of a year

Who’d be a pollster after what’s happened in 2016? 

Cameron out on his ear, Brexit winning out when even the ‘leave brigade’ didn’t fancy their chances and to top it all Trump gaining access to the White House when polls said he had less than a 5% chance of doing so the night before the vote was announced.

You couldn’t make it up.

2017 could be a little more predictable as Brexit may even out trump Trump – until, of course, Labour falls apart under Corbie and his merry band of travellers.

I’ve got to ask why can’t our illustrious leaders simply get their heads down and get us out of the EU in the most straightforward way possible. I’m confident the EU mandarins are firing blanks when they suggest bilateral agreements will prove tricky.

What price will anyone give me that the EU falls apart before Brexit is sorted?

I’ll come back to that next Christmas so have a good one.

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