M&S slammed after distressing footage of broiler plant released

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has criticised Marks & Spencer after releasing footage of a chicken broiler plant, which the campaign group says supplies the retailer, showing birds living in a stressful environment.

The footage shows the chickens cramped close together, with some of the animals passed out or struggling to stand and in clear distress. “We are very disappointed to see the images and take this issue very seriously,” said a spokesperson for Marks & Spencer. “As an immediate action we have suspended supply from these farms while we investigate this thoroughly. We work hard to uphold higher welfare standards which is recognised by leading animal charities. We’ll take all necessary steps to ensure these standards are maintained.”

In response to the footage, PETA director Elisa Allen said: “The excruciating, nightmarish conditions endured by these chickens supplied to Marks & Spencer show that it doesn’t matter which brand you buy or what label you put on it – meat comes from agony.”

According to PETA, chickens on British factory farms often spend their lives with thousands of other birds in sheds with limited space. It also claimed that the animals are bred to grow so large and so fast that many of them collapse under their own weight and can experience organ failure, while crowding leads them to be highly susceptible to chronic respiratory diseases.

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