Get involved with National Butchers' Week 2017

The most important week of the butchery calendar is back. National Butchers’ Week 2017 will take place on 13-19 March and we’re already gearing up to make this the biggest and most creative year ever.

This year’s National Butchers’ Week will focus on the fantastic innovation that takes place within butchers’ shops across the land.

Rod Addy, editor of Meat Trades Journal, said it was a chance to get creative. “National Butchers’ Week is an opportunity for a business to show off its creativity. Some of the most successful butchers in the country do amazing
work to create new dishes that tempt customers and increase basket spend.”

National Butchers’ Week 2017 will be a great opportunity to develop a new product and test it out on your customers, or even come up with a new recipe that shoppers can create at home, using the products bought at your shop. As well as growing sales and inspiring your customers, these new ideas could help create loyal shoppers  that will keep coming back to see what else you’ve come up with.

Butchers who are looking to create and launch new products for National Butchers’ Week are also invited to let us know about them and they may make the pages of the magazine and on our social media.

As well as coverage in Meat Trades Journal, be sure to follow National Butchers’ Week on Facebook and Twitter using the #ButchersGiveYouIdeas hashtag to keep on top of what’s happening in the run-up to the week and perhaps spark some creativity.

If you have an event or a new product planned for National Butchers’ Week, email and let us know about it.

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