Bidvest Foodservice adds 140 trendy foods to menu

Bidvest Foodservice has added 140 new products to its catalogue of foods and beverages for the summer menu, with premium burgers and American-style beef ribs expected to be popular. 

After months of research and development in the Bidvest kitchen, the foodservice operator has added 140 new products to its 800-strong menu to help its customers – such as NHS trusts, defence contractors and hotel and restaurant chains – build brilliant summer menus.

Some of the hottest new foods likely to be seen across the UK this summer include a haunch of venison (pictured), premium burgers, and smoked Jacob’s ladder ribs.

The new food range has been designed around some of the key food trends Bidvest Foodservice analysts have identified, which include: heathy eating; backing British meat and vegetables; grab-and-go; and what Bidvest calls the “playful palate” – a fusion of global culinary flavours.

“When designing and choosing dishes for our summer range, current food trends and innovations were front of mind,” said Gail Bridgeman, campaign and studio controller at Bidvest Foodservice.

“Consumers want to try new flavours, they are mindful of where their food has come from and are looking for experiences when it comes to eating out. Our new range reflects this thinking and helps caterers design bespoke menus for their clientele.”

One of the key trends to emerge from Bidvest’s newly-launched catalogue is a thrust for what the firm calls ‘grEAT Britain’. This is the idea of backing British produce, something that Andy Kemp, Bidvest sales director, said is “growing”.

“Brexit has put an emphasis back on British, and we will continue to support British farming,” he said. Bidvest will continue to use British-sourced Red Tractor-certified fresh meat, Kemp added.

The Grab & Go range is likely to prove popular too, with half of all consumers buying meals-on-the-go, according to M&C Allegra report. Foodservice operators can tap into this trend, said Bidvest. Its versatile meat offerings, including hickory-smoked BBQ pulled pork dough balls and beef chilli muffins, will help pubs and restaurants tap into the street food craze.

‘America Discovered’ is another flavour trend Bidvest Foodservice will push this year. Its analysts claim there is an increased movement towards everything American – from South American and Mexican flavours through to Caribbean and Hawaiian. Cooking techniques such as smoking, barbecuing and marinating meats, as well as using rubs and spice combinations will be popular in the summer.

“We’re seeing much more of an experimental consumer than ever before, right across generations,” said Lucy Pedrick, business and consumer insights manager at Bidvest Foodservice.

“With the rise in home cooking, consumer are becoming more adventurous both at home and when eating out”.

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