Traditional Welsh pork gains protected status

Pork from traditionally-reared Pedigree Welsh Pigs has been awarded Traditional Specialities Guaranteed (TSG) status from the European Commission, the first of its kind in Wales. 

It will now join a long list of other Welsh products that have been rewarded with protected status including PGI Welsh Lamb and Beef and PGI Carmarthen Ham.

Whilst geographically specified protected foods are restricted by location, TSG status means that Pedigree Welsh Pork can be produced anywhere in Europe, as long as the animals are pedigree and are registered with the British Pig Association or a similar breed association.

The application to receive TSG status began over four years ago, with support and funding from the Welsh government. Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths said: “I would like to congratulate the Pedigree Welsh Pig Society for gaining the first Traditional Specialities Guaranteed EU status in Wales. I am pleased the Welsh government was able to assist the application with funding and support.

“This is further confirmation of what we already know – Wales produces world-leading food and drink. Our Protected Food Name basket is growing, which gives recognition to the dedication of our producers to quality and it ensures their products are protected under EU law.”

Producers that use the TSG designation will be encouraged to join the Pedigree Welsh Pig Society, which is able to offer help and support in ensuring pigs are reared according to traditional methods and keeping to the high standards of animal husbandry.

“Consumers can now be 100% certain when buying traditionally reared Pedigree Welsh pork that provenance is assured and that the meat has been produced in a way that has prioritised the well-being of the animal throughout its entire life,” added Bob Stevenson, chairman of the Pedigree Welsh Pig Society.

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