Addo Food Group to take action on food waste

Addo Food Group has joined forces with charity FareShare and logistics operator Fowler Welch to tackle hunger and food waste. 

The partnership will see food that cannot be sold donated to those who need it the most.

Addo Food Group lists pork pie firm Pork Farms and Wall’s Sausages among its brands.

Charity group FareShare intercepts food from businesses that is still in date but cannot be sold and distributes it to the less fortunate. Addo is one of the first companies to work on FareShare’s recently launched Fowler Welch initiative. Fowler Welch is a UK logistics company that provides ambient and temperature-controlled distribution and utilises additional space on existing vehicles to collect unsold food from customers at the same time as collecting regular orders. This unsellable food will then be sent to one of FareShare’s 20 regional centres across the UK, where it can be used by local charities and people in need.

“No matter how efficient your business, food waste occurs for a range of reasons,” said Nick Hay, chief executive of Fowler Welch.

“Many companies are eager to help make a difference, but may need some help to get the food that they cannot sell as intended to the people who need it, so we are using our logistical expertise to help solve this problem. By offering our logistics services to FareShare, we can support businesses to reduce their food waste and help some of the 8.4 million people in the UK who struggle to put enough food on the table.”

Having worked with FareShare in the past, Addo showed an interest in this new initiative. The first week of the scheme saw 12 pallets of stock, including pork pies and slices, delivered from Addo to FareShare in just one week. This equates to over 2,500 meals.

“We are delighted to be working with FareShare and partnering with them on an incredibly worthwhile initiative,” said Kim Burgess, head of markets at Addo Food Group. “As one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, we believe it’s important to be supporting local communities and good causes where possible. The partnership has got off to a great start, but we’re looking forward to moving ahead with it and, hopefully, encouraging other businesses to do the same.”

Last year, FareShare supplied enough food for 26 million meals, saving 12,336 tonnes of food from being wasted.

Lindsay Boswell, chief executive of FareShare, added: “It’s fantastic that Addo Food Group has joined the Fowler Welch initiative. It makes a tremendous difference having leading producers support the fight to end hunger and food waste. We’re delighted to have started a partnership with Addo and look forward to continuing to work together to ensure that the food that they cannot sell as they originally planned is put to good use in communities across the UK.”

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