National Butchers’ Week: an opportunity for growth

Butchers should use National Butchers’ Week as a springboard for training staff. 

Dick Van Leeuwen, senior business development manager at AHDB Beef & Lamb, said National Butchers’ Week was an opportunity for butchers to grow their business by motivating staff members to gain qualifications through the AHDB Meat Education Programme.

With innovation being the theme of this year’s National Butchers’ Week, Van Leeuwen said there was an opportunity for butchers to learn something new.

“They’ll learn about new cuts that they might not have heard of, plus they’ll learn more about meat quality, including species and age. This free programme provides plenty of scope for someone in the industry to grow themselves.”

He added that there were many different avenues that someone in the meat industry can take. “There are so many career opportunities within meat. They could become a buyer, trader, work in NPD roles, foodservice or even the export sector, which is huge and offers a chance to see the world. A person working in the sector can be any of these things with the right attitude and industry education.

Van Leeuwen added that initiatives such as the Meat Education Programme helped butchers to grow, which is vital in this sector. “Being a butcher is a bit like being a chef – anyone who gets into the industry wants to be the best in the world at it. The Meat Education Programme can help someone realise that potential.”

For more information on the Meat Education Programme, log on here.

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