BBQ trends report designed to benefit industry

BBQ trends and influences for 2017 are at the centre of a report delivered by Dalziel Ingredients. 

The blends, cures and ingredients specialist produces the annual review of summer eating habits to give the industry a heads-up on what will be in demand. The report can be specifically tailored to each customer and covers retail chilled and frozen meat products, fish, sauces, snacks, ready-to-eat and even vegetarian options.

“We help clients look for interesting ways to add a new twist to their BBQ products,” said Denise McGrahan (pictured), marketing coordinator at Dalziel. “At our state-of-the-art development centre, we focus on taking ideas and delivering appealing, commercially viable end-products. As the UK market for everyone’s favourite summer pastime grows year on year, so do the variety of flavours we use.”

The 2016 report indicated that British consumers were seeking an international influence on flavours, with a demand for an increased level of hotness. There was even a market for flavours inspired by childhood nostalgia, with cola and dandelion & burdock flavours being featured.

“We evaluate current and past trends to help clients keep ahead on developing concepts and flavours,” added McGrahan. “Importantly, we are able to customise presentations to suit the customer’s needs.”

The product development team advises customers on new flavour concepts and trends, market analysis, factory processes, recipe formulations and product quality enhancements. The company is focusing efforts on current health trends, including salt and sugar reduction and replacers, while developing new product ideas in increased protein and fat reduction.

The BBQ report is just one of a series of reports published by Dalziel’s product development and marketing team. Others include a sausage report, and a Christmas review.

All of Dalziel’s products can be developed as gluten-free, including its seasonings, complete mixes, rubs, glazes, functional blends, batters, crumbs, snack seasonings, cures and brines.

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