Animal health organisation calls for government support

The next government has been called on to provide the necessary tools to the animal health industry to ensure it is able to flourish post-Brexit. 

Ahead of the next government, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), has released its own animal health manifesto. Its action plan showcases the highly regarded quality of animal health in Britain, and highlights its importance to society and the economy.

Candidates running on the 8 June election are asked to consider three key areas. They are:

•    Making sure that the important role of animal medicines is recognised and the needs of the sector are met after the referendum;
•    To support incentives that will develop innovative treatments and better diagnostics, and to ensure prescribers, farmers and pet owners retain access to a full range of animal medicines;
•    To ensure that decisions about the animal health sector are based on evidence and science.

“Our industry underpins so much that is valued in British society,” commented Dawn Howard, chief executive of NOAH. “The production of food from healthy animals on UK farms and our relationship with the pets that share 44% of British homes – in everything we and our members do at NOAH, we aim to improve the lives of animals through encouraging responsible farming and pet ownership and promoting the safe and responsible use of medicines.

“As we leave the EU, it is so important that government ensures that what our sector needs, to continue to provide the tools to allow our sector to thrive in the UK, is included in the Brexit negotiations,” she added.

“All of our animals – whether pets or farm animals – have a right to the most appropriate treatment if they become sick, to reduce their suffering, to protect their health and welfare and to ensure they can continue to provide companionship or produce safe, nutritious food. This manifesto aims to raise awareness of the issues and encourage support among our future members of parliament.”

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