Demand for scientists and engineers in poultry

The British poultry industry’s technological advancements in food production as well as investment in automation have increased efficiency and product choice while creating a growing demand for specialised roles such as food scientists and engineers. 

The introduction of highly effective pick-and-place robots in poultry production has not only enabled automation to move upstream but is also positively influencing public perception of the sector.

People in the industry work in a dynamic environment, conceptualise and develop cutting-edge technological innovations and processes that shape our contribution to sustainable food production. The industry’s committed workforce enables it to produce safe and affordable food, feed the nation and contribute to the economy.

The industry is geared towards attracting high-calibre talent to drive innovation, and our people are skilled, trained and qualified. However, this thriving and innovative sector needs bright individuals who can combine their knowledge of nutrition with scientific and technical expertise, in order to take it from strength to strength.

To bring young engineers and scientists into the sector, the poultry meat industry must become the ‘employer of choice’ by investing in its people and their skills, professionalising its workforce and providing a fulfilling and rewarding career.

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