Northern Irish cured meats producer adds bresaola to range

Northern Ireland’s Ispini Charcuterie has expanded its range of products with a new bresaola. 

The salted, air-dried beef is cured in a blend of rosemary and thyme and air-dried for at least five weeks. “The bresaola is cured using the best locally sourced beef and cured slowly for a delicious flavour,” said Jonny Cuddy, who founded the business. “Northern Ireland has a heritage in the production of superb beef from pasture-fed animals. Producing a bresaola, therefore, made good business sense and it’s proving hugely popular with customers. This is because the flavour is outstanding.”

The Moira-based business, which is named after the Irish word for ‘sausages’, was established last year as part of a farm diversification initiative. As part of the process, Cuddy studied meat curing techniques at the School of Artisan Foods in Nottinghamshire. The company also offers a range of chorizo and salami products that are made using local ingredients and pork from pigs reared on the family farm in Co Tyrone.

Last month, Ispini Charcuterie introduced beer sticks to the market. Its innovative products are cured in Mac Ivors Cider and chilli and have been produced to target the snacking and pub markets in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

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