2 Sisters commended by vegan protestors

Animal rights group Devon Animal Save continues to protest again outside 2 Sisters’ Cullompton plant, but the meat processor has been commended for allowing activists to hold vigils for slaughter-bound chickens. 

Devon Animal Save will hold a peaceful protest outside 2 Sisters Cullompton abattoir on Thursday 22 June for the sixth week in a row.

Animal rights activists have an agreement in place with 2 Sisters, one of the UK’s largest poultry processors, to allow several minutes with the chickens before lorries take them inside the factory perimeter to be slaughtered.

Activist Ross Mayhew will attend the vigil and praised 2 Sisters despite the opposing viewpoints the two parties hold on meat consumption.
“Unlike other slaughterhouses we’ve visited, 2 Sisters have been very good with us,” said Mayhew.

“We have an arrangement with them that allows us time with the chickens where we can bear witness, take photos and say goodbye without causing delays to the running of the slaughterhouse and 2 Sisters are happy to answer our questions and make sure [that] we are safe.”

Devon Animal Save is part of a wider network of Save movements that sprung from the Toronto Pig Save group formed in 2010 to hold peaceful vigils at slaughterhouses. Over 100 groups have copied the model in Canada, the US, Australia and the UK.

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