World Steak Challenge 2017 winner unveiled

The World Steak Challenge 2017 has been won by a Polish steak.

The winning steak was a Sirloin Grain-fed Limousin Cross aged 29 months and matured for 14 days, produced by F&M Frąckowiak in woj. Wielkopolskie, Poland, and submitted by ABP Poland.

Eoin Ryan of ABP, was ecstatic about ABP Poland winning the title of World’s Best Steak. “This is fantastic for ABP Poland and ABP as a group. It’s a further endorsement of the hard work being done in the group and in Poland, and this award will certainly help put Poland on the map in terms of beef production.”

Chair of judges Marco Peerdeman said: “It was a very tidy entry with great marbling with a lovely trim. The taste was great, it was rich but a bit different – it looks a bit like a wagyu but once you taste it, you realise it’s not.

“Both ABP Poland entries were fantastic. They won a gold medal last year, so to go one better is a great achievement for them.”

Now in its third year, the World Steak Challenge 2017 was held at The Magic Roundabout in Old Street, London on 4 July.

For 2017, the competition was expanded to include Rib-Eye and Fillet as well as the original Sirloin category.

The Best Rib-Eye was won by F&M Frąckowiak/ABP Poland and the Best Fillet was won by Jack’s Creek of New South Wales, entered by Albers GmbH of Germany. The Best Grain-fed winner was F&M Frąckowiak/ABP Poland.

England picked up a trophy with Martin’s Meats winning the Best Grass-fed award with a Rib-Eye Grass-fed produced by Hill View Farm, Cheltenham, Glos England.

Peerdeman said the extra categories meant the judges had to work harder. “It’s interesting for us with the different categories, as different cuts will have different qualities so we need to take that into account.”

He also explained what makes a top-quality steak. “We’re looking at a variety of different factors when judging the entries,” said Peerdeman. “We get raw and cooked steaks for each entry and we judge them on a variety of factors including marbling, trim, aroma, succulence and taste. The panel is made up of butchers and chefs from around the world so we’re looking at it from that point of view, but we also have to look at it from a consumer point of view.”

Mike Reid, of M Restaurants, said the addition of Rib-Eye and Fillet categories to the competition spiced it up: “It adds a bit of variety to the event and creates a new challenge for entries.”

This year’s competition saw 17 countries and 25 breeds represented with more than 120 entries involved across the categories.

There were 17 Gold Medal winners, 19 Silver Medal winners and 33 Bronze Medal winners.

Rod Addy, editor of GlobalMeatNews, said: “The sheer range and quality of entries this year is a testament to the hard work put in by producers across the globe. This year’s Challenge has attracted a record number of entries, reflecting the pride producers take in steak production and the importance of winning this accolade to propel their business and their brand.”

Rich Summers, butchery and charcuterie specialist, said the competition offered up some amazing entries. “It has been an embarrassment of top-quality steaks served up to us. The steaks that really stood out to me had the right cut and flavour.”


ABP Poland   Rib-Eye   Grain   Poland  
JBS Global (JBS Brazil) Sirloin  Grain Brazil
ABP Poland Sirloin Grain Poland
Zanbergen World's Finest Meat Fillet Grain USA
Vacum Carnes de Lujo Fillet Grass Spain
Albers GmbH/Jack's Creek Fillet Grain Australia
Dawn Meats Sirloin Grass England
Martin's Meats Rib-Eye Grass England
Hannan Meats Fillet Grass Northern Ireland
Morrisons Supermarkets Fillet Grain Scotland
Kepak Group Sirloin Grain Ireland
JN Meat International Rib-Eye Grass Finland
Vacum Carnes de Lujo Rib-Eye Grass Spain
Albers GmbH/Jack's Creek Sirloin Grain Australia
Kepak Group Rib-Eye Grass Ireland
Albers GmbH/Michael Hanigan Rib-Eye Grain Ireland
Hannan Meats Rib-Eye Grass Northern Ireland

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