Livestock yearbook highlights challenges, opportunities for red meat

The beef sector saw a return of £370 million last year, with beef and veal exports up 10% year-on-year at over 110,000 tonnes. 

Supply, competition and consumer demand issues helped to drive up prices, according to the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Beef & Lamb’s latest yearbook, designed to present the challenges and opportunities facing the livestock industry.

The publication, available both in digital and hard copy, compiles the latest facts and figures and delivers key insights from farm-to-fork.

Other highlights include prices remaining below average until May in the sheep sector. Meanwhile, the report discussed how June’s EU referendum led to a sharp decline in the value of sterling, whilst consumer demand came under pressure as a result of rising retail prices and competitively priced alternatives, such as chicken.

“The pocketbook provides essential information to our levy payers and stakeholders, helping them make informed decisions about their business,” said Duncan Wyatt, lead red meat analyst for AHDB.

“Having an insight into recent market trends ensures the industry is better prepared for what is to come. This is even more important with Brexit on the horizon, as levy payer businesses need to ensure they are equipped to deal with the potential impact this may have.”

The yearbook can be downloaded from the AHDB Beef & Lamb website or a hard copy can be requested by contacting

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