Porky Whites extends Lights range

Porky Whites has extended its Lights range in response to public demand for healthier products. 

As well as a sausage product, the range now includes a lower-fat chuck steak burger, a skinless flat sausage perfect for stacking, and sausagemeat in a tray. Each of these products is a new lower-fat take on existing Porky Whites equivalents. All of these products, for consistency, will be categorised as lower in fat, which means that the Porky Lights range is actually up to 60% less fat than their regular Porky Whites counterparts and are all gluten-free.

The decision to reclassify the existing Porky Lights sausage from low to lower-fat has been made to ensure there is no consumer confusion about what the broader Porky Lights range represents in terms of fat content.

Porky Whites and its Lights range was the subject of heated debate over fat content earlier this year when slimming club Slimming World revised the number of ‘Syn’ points allocated to the product from half a Syn point to 4.5 - that of a regular pork sausage. In response, Porky Whites published over 15 months of product testing by an independent UKAS-accredited laboratory, which showed the fat content was as claimed by the producer.

The new Porky Lights range is available from its online shop shop.porkywhites.co.uk and leading supermarkets now.

The range is made up of:
Porky Lights Premium British Pork Sausages
Porky Lights Premium British Beef Chuck Steak Burgers
Porky Lights Premium British Pork Flat Sausages
Porky Lights Premium British Pork Sausagemeat

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