How Britain likes its steaks

Retailer Aldi has provided an insight into how the British public prefers its steak, with some surprising results.

According to the discounter, 87% of the public are unable to explain the difference between a rump and rib eye, with three-quarters (73%) unable to identify a sirloin from a rump. Meanwhile, 62% don’t know why the fillet is so prized and is more expensive.

However, 40% claimed to always choose British beef when buying their steaks, and 30% of the UK population said that they dined on steak every fortnight. This is reflected in Aldi’s sales, as they have reached a five-year high, according to the retailer.

Aldi’s fresh meats are 100% Red Tractor Assured, and its steaks are 100% British.

Aldi’s guide to cooking the perfect steak:
•    Blue – 1 min per side, rest for 6 mins
•    Rare – 2 mins per side, rest for 6 mins
•    Medium-Rare – 2.5 mins per side, rest 5 mins
•    Medium – 3 mins per side, rest for 4 mins
•    Well done – 5 mins per side, rest for 0 mins

Every year, Meat Trades Journal’s sister site GlobalMeatNews runs the World Steak Challenge. This year’s winner was a Sirloin Grain-fed Limousin Cross aged 29 months and matured for 14 days from ABP Poland.

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