Free waste management service available to meat industry

A new, free waste management service has been launched to help food manufacturing companies save money and reduce their environmental footprint.

To help achieve these goals, the phs Group has introduced the phs Wastekit. The innovation includes a free site survey to review businesses’ current waste management practices, consultancy to advise on where savings can be made, and a free baler or compactor machine trial. Training on how to use the technology is included.

“It’s surprising how many businesses are still unaware of the huge cost reductions that they can make using a baler or compactor machine,” commented Joe Roberts, managing director of phs Wastekit. “That’s why we felt compelled to do something to open their eyes to the savings, and created the Wastesaving Audit.

“Balers and compactors will – without exception – save businesses up to 90% of their waste disposal costs, which will have a huge impact on their bottom line,” he added. “The machines work by reducing the volume of general and recyclable waste by compacting it down and baling it, which means businesses can dramatically reduce the number of waste collections they need to pay for.”

Roberts explained that many businesses can actually make money from baled recyclables, such as cardboard and plastic. He said: “Selling baled recyclables to recycling companies can generate a whole new revenue stream for them and reduce their landfill tax bill. We work with many businesses to ensure they make the most of that opportunity.”

The phs Group cited figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, claiming that standard landfill taxes are expected to rise to £88.95 per tonne in April next year, with latest figures suggesting that UK commercial businesses are producing around 15 million tonnes of waste per year.

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