RECIPE: Confit chicken with chef Mark Walsh and Walter Rose & Son

Britain’s best butcher's shop of the year 2016, Walter Rose & Son, recently lent a helping hand in nurturing prospective butchers at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham. 

Working alongside chef Mark Walsh, they put on a demonstration for catering students and chefs from the area.

“We recently hosted a Chef’s Forum at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham,” said Walsh, who is head chef at Harvey Nichols.

“Jack Cook of Walter Rose led a chicken butchery competition giving the catering students a chance to win a day with him in the cutting plant and a trip to the farm and abattoir. I then cooked up the breasts and skin in a demo to around 50 top chefs from across the Midlands. Walter Rose free range breasts are very popular with my guests because they are deliciously flavoursome and tend to be larger than normal.

“They are reared in small flocks encouraged to roam freely and this really adds to the flavour – the breasts are great value for money for me as a chef and my diners. As Walter Rose have been going for so long, we are confident in consistent quality and enjoy excellent service in terms of deliveries being met and fulfilled on time – vital in my busy kitchen.”

Cook, who runs the store alongside his brother and father, is a member of the Chef’s Forum, a responsibility that sees him travelling the country preforming butchery demonstrations for chefs.

Mark Walsh’s Walter Rose Confit Chicken Breast, crispy skin, sugar beet puree, black garlic puree, beet oil and garlic cream will be on the menu this autumn.

4 chicken breasts
6 bulbs black garlic
2 sugar beets
200ml chicken stock
100ml milk
200ml double cream
1kg chicken skin

For the brine
600g sugar
400g salt
1litre water

For the brine, bring the sugar, salt and water to the boil. Allow to cool, put the chicken in overnight.

Slow roast the skin until golden brown, dehydrated overnight and allow to cool, dry and blitz.

Pre-heat confit oil to 130c and put in the chicken, patted dry, and cook for one hour.

Cut sugar beets into round fondants and, with the trimmings, chop up small, roast to golden brown and add 100ml of milk and the 100ml of chicken stock to cover and cook to soft, strain then puree. Reserve some liquid for the sauce, add the cream and reduce to a sauce consistency.

Blend the black garlic in the thermo with a splash of water, pass and bottle.

Cook the fondants in 100ml of chicken stock and 50g butter.

Put 50g beet leaves in the blender with 250ml vegetable oil and blend for 1min at 90c on high speed, chill over ice and pass.

Dress the plate as the photo and spilt the sauce with the oil.

Photo credits: Faydit Photography

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