Industry video to highlight health benefits of meat consumption

A new video has been designed to showcase the health and nutritional benefits of eating red meat. 

Created by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), ‘The Meat We Eat’ video aims to dispel some of the misconceptions that people have around eating meat, especially beef, lamb and pork.

“Eating a healthy balanced diet, including proteins such as beef, lamb and pork, helps us stay fit and active and our new video aims to explain that role in a simple and engaging way, which all ages can understand,” commented QMS health and education coordinator, Jennifer Robertson.

“Lean red meat not only tastes good, but is a great source of protein, B vitamins, iron and zinc. With more than a third of Scotland’s young people lacking in iron, red meat is an essential part of a healthy balanced diet.”

The video helps to communicate the benefits of consuming meat, such as the role protein plays in building muscle, how zinc can maintain a healthy immune system and how B vitamins fight fatigue. Meanwhile, vitamin D found in meat can help keep teeth and bones healthy. While the video promotes red meat, it also advises on the appropriate daily intake of red meat.

In an effort to educate consumers about these benefits, QMS carries out a range of activities throughout the year. This includes a school voucher initiative that support secondary schools to encourage pupils to learn to cook quick, tasty and healthy meals.

Every Scottish school is able to apply for a voucher worth £100, which can be exchanged at local retailers by the school for quality Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork.

QMS developed the scheme after concerns were voiced that tight budgets could mean Scottish schools were unable to afford fresh, quality produce for cookery lessons, leaving students without the knowledge of preparing healthy meals.

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