Customers trust British poultry

With Brexit looming, feeding ourselves must be one of our nation’s biggest priorities. Our farmers and producers are determined to not let any trade deal dilute our high food safety and animal welfare standards, hard-won through years of experience.

When our homegrown poultry meat is world-leading in traceability, why would customers trust anything other than British?

Brexit is an opportunity for the British poultry meat sector to take a lead in setting global standards and not being afraid of competition from abroad. A secure post-Brexit deal must be about strengthening British business and ensuring food security.

British poultry meat is a success story – it has grown in a competitive marketplace, and has never had or sought subsidies. Nearly one billion birds are reared for food every year, providing half the meat the country eats.

UK poultry meat is the only livestock sector capable of quickly scaling up production to meet growing demand. It has a successful track record of producing food that British consumers want to eat, with values they trust. This sector deserves full support from the government to ensure access to labour, beneficial trade deals, and technology uptake to improve its productivity and efficiency.

Government support for British firms sends out a clear message that the UK believes in and backs its standards and businesses. Let’s say unashamedly that our first choice is British.

About the Author:

Shraddha Kaul

Shraddha KaulShraddha Kaul is public affairs and public relations manager at the British Poultry Council.

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