Young people show increased interest in agriculture sector

Research showed that more young people are following a career in the agricultural sector.

Citing The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), The Knowledge Academy said that while applications for higher education had fallen by 7%, the academy’s own research indicated that certificates awarded to those in vocational-related qualifications increased, with those in the agriculture, horticulture and animal care sector soaring by 117%.

This reflected a trend in young people seeking alternative methods of study, according to The Knowledge Academy. It referred to the UCAS statistics to highlight that 46.4% of graduates were now working in non-graduate roles. Meanwhile, 29% of graduate employees were earning a gross hourly wage lower than non-graduate employees with an apprenticeship in 2016.

“It is obvious from the changes we are witnessing in education and the workplace that we need to provide – and support – alternative pathways to higher levels of education and qualification,” said David Baker of The Knowledge Academy.

“Today, young people are not expected to follow the familiar – and nor should they have to.”

After agriculture, horticulture and animal care, construction, planning and the built environment certificates experienced the second-largest increase of 28%.

This compared to more traditional academic subjects such as: languages, literature and culture; science and mathematics; and history, philosophy and theology which saw decreases of -55%, -30% and -25% respectively.

Research also indicated that schools and universities were not producing enough candidates with relevant tools to enter the workforce. Baker added: “Additional courses, whether independently sourced or found through work, are just as valuable to individual progression than the typical university degree and we should celebrate the option.”

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