Rebecca Adlington is new AHDB Pork campaign ambassador

Rebecca Adlington is the ambassador for the new AHDB Pork campaign
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Olympian Rebecca Adlington OBE has been unveiled as the ambassador of the new AHDB Pork Midweek Meal campaign.

The campaign, which is designed to challenge consumers to dive a little deeper into their midweek meal cooking habits and try something new, launches with its TV advertising campaign on 25 September and will be running until 5 November.

The campaign will focus on how lean and easy-to-cook pork loin and fillet medallions are, and will feature the double Olympic gold and bronze medal-winning swimmer, commentator, mum and now passionate cook.

Adlington has recently been showing off her cooking skills on Celebrity Masterchef and she will be developing her own pork medallion recipe, which she will be showcasing at a cooking-based consumer journalist event in October. She will also act as spokeswoman for the campaign, championing the medallions’ ease and low-fat credentials.

She said: “I was really shocked to be asked to do such a campaign, as I’ve not historically been known for my cooking. However, when it was explained how these cuts of pork are really lean, quick to cook and make ideal meals for busy parents – it clicked.  

“I always thought pork was a fatty meat, so was really surprised to learn how lean and low-fat these cuts are. I was so proud to be part of the home Olympic Games in 2012, which had the motto ‘Inspire a generation’, which I suppose is what I aim to do now with this campaign – to inspire other mums and families to give pork a try.

“Being part of this year’s Masterchef has really boosted my confidence in cooking – and I look forward to encouraging people to develop quick, tasty, healthy meals.”

Kirsty Walker, AHDB Pork head of domestic marketing, added: “Rebecca is a great asset for us to have for the campaign. As an athlete and a mum, we felt she strikes the right balance for us to communicate the message to consumers that pork medallions offer a healthy and nutritious meal, which cooks quickly to fit in with a busy family life.  

“We know many people have a perception that pork is a fatty meat, which can act as a barrier for them to try it. The aim of this campaign is to help educate consumers that pork medallions are tasty, quick and healthy, and therefore deserve to be considered as a relevant midweek meal.”

AHDB Pork is providing free POS materials to support the Midweek Meal campaign. To request a butcher’s POS kit, log on to the AHDB website or email

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