Training tool tracks pig industry skills

A new tool has been developed to give pig farmers a simple and flexible way to record staff training.

Pig Pro, created by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) went live yesterday and has been designed to provide an alternative to the Pig Industry Professional Register.

The initiative aims to give pig producers an easy method to record staff training, with records being kept in one consistent web-based format.

“The new system aims to simplify the practice of staff training records and encourage more employers and individuals to keep up-to-date records of skills development,” explained Samantha Bowsher, AHDB’s skills development officer.

“Pig Pro is the result of a major consultation with industry members who were keen to fund a new system better-suited to the changing needs of the pig industry. It is incredibly exciting that we are able to offer Pig Pro to businesses and individuals and we are confident it will prove to be an extremely useful and valuable tool for the industry.”

The initiative will give users the freedom to keep a development record throughout their career and offer them more control over their data.

The system – accessed through AHDB’s Pig Hub – will offer a space for upcoming training events to be advertised and allow the user to access a training event calendar, printable staff records, reminders for mandatory training updates, electronic upload and storage.

A series of videos will go live this week, informing how the system is used.

“Pig Pro is a one-stop shop for members of the pig industry, allowing users to access all the information and records they could possibly need,” added Bowsher.

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