Sustainable productivity

Regardless of what Brexit brings, British poultry meat businesses are focusing efforts on ensuring a sustainable and secure supply of food. 

Against the backdrop of food scandals in recent years, consumers need to have confidence in those who put food on the shelves. British farmers need to get a fair price that allows them to feed their families as well as ours. In return, we know where our food comes from and how it is produced – today, tomorrow, and well past Brexit. 

British poultry meat is the only livestock sector whose productivity can meet growing demand and support increased self-sufficiency. Our short supply chain creates greater opportunities for vertical integration from farm to fork. 

We are the only food and farming sector that takes nothing in government handouts and yet offers over £1 billion in tax contribution to the Exchequer. We constantly optimise our food production systems, increase efficiency across our supply chains and stimulate investment for producing more British food.

Government must acknowledge our contribution to the economy and sustainable food production by backing British farming, and supporting investment in new infrastructure and technology to help boost productivity. Together, industry and government can deliver a sustainable, secure and trusted supply of home-grown food.  

About the Author:

Shraddha Kaul

Shraddha Kaul is public affairs and public relations manager at the British Poultry Council

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