Traditional Christmas meat pies now available on AmazonFresh

AmazonFresh has sought the help of celebrated butcher C Lidgate to bring back the traditional, meat-filled mince pie. 

The medieval Christmas pie is available just in time for Christmas and can be bought as of today (16 November) for a limited time. The pie is selling for £4.50 and serves four to six people.

Before it evolved into the sweet fruit-filled treat it is today, the mince pie was originally full of meat, including boiled beef and tongue. It also used to be larger in shape and rectangular to serve more than one person.

Catering to the modern consumer, Danny Lidgate, a fifth-generation butcher and managing director of C Lidgate, combined traditional meat flavours such as minced beef, with the contemporary fruit infusions that mince pies are today famed for.

“It was inspiring to be able to cook up a time-honoured meat version of the mince pie, akin to the delicious delicacies our ancestors would have enjoyed during Christmas centuries ago,” said Lidgate.

“Working with AmazonFresh, we’re reintroducing the traditional meat-filled mince pie to our customers’ festive tables – it’s the perfect treat for a carnivore this Christmas.”

Annie Gray, TV food historian and research associate at the University of York, explained that mince pies were once meaty, spicy and hefty treats for the wealthy. “Over time, the quantity of meat declined from the pies of earlier eras, but the reintroduction of meat still gives a deep and satisfying backnote in a fruity confection,” she said.

“Given how long the Christmas mince pie contained meat for, it is apt that one of London’s oldest butchers, C Lidgate, has created this pie inspired by the past.”

Deborah Honig, head of local shops and markets for AmazonFresh added: “Being able to offer customers fresh, high-quality, innovative foods like these medieval mince pies, is exactly why AmazonFresh works hand in hand with local shops and markets like C Lidgate. We’re sure our foodie customers will be experimenting with meat over sweet when it comes to entertaining family and friends this festive season.” 

Medieval Mince Pie recipe, serves four to six people 

The ingredients, inspired by those used by centuries-old traditional butchers and chefs are below:

●      450g Cooked beef, minced

●      450g Suet

●      600g Currants

●      600g Raisins 

●      300g Candied peel

●      900g Apricots, minced

●      450g Dried apple

●      4 Lemons, zested

●      1kg Sugar

●      600ml Sherry

●      1tbsp Ground ginger

●      1tbsp Ground nutmeg

Danny Lidgate’s ‘at home’ method for anyone wanting to attempt their own version of the Medieval Mince Pie: 


1.     Pre-heat the oven to 220°C/425°F/Gas Mark 7.

  1. Mix the minced meat with all the other filling ingredients.
  2. Mould ¾ of the pastry into a 20cm spring-form tin to make the base and sides.
  3. Fill the tin with filling.
  4. Roll out the remaining pastry for the lid, moisten the sides with water and press the lid firmly in place and crimp to make a tight seal.
  5. Trim the edges and use the surplus to decorate the top.  Cut a hole in the middle of the lid.
  6. Bake in the centre of the oven for 15 minutes, and then reduce the temperature to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4 and bake for a further 75 minutes.

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