Clean-label phosphate replacer launched by Ulrick & Short

A new phosphate replacer for meat and seafood products has hit the market, courtesy of clean-label ingredients supplier Ulrick & Short.

Ezimoist is designed to help manufacturers increase succulence, yield and texture, while meeting continued consumer demand for clean-label products.

The range uses tapioca, wheat, maize and rice as bases and works in all red meat and poultry products, from whole muscle and cured meats to further processed and reformed lines, according to Ulrick & Short. It is also shear- and heat-stable, so can be used in a wide variety of processes, including tumbling, injection or marinade applications.

The offering is gluten-free and can be labelled simply as ‘starch’.

“We have been pioneering phosphate replacement for a number of years now, however we have recently expanded the ezimoist range to match the increasing demand for phosphate replacement,” a spokesman for Ulrick & Short told Meat Trades Journal. “It is available in the European market as well through one of our four distributors currently based in the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, France and Germany.”

In an official press release, Ulrick & Short’s research & development manager Danielle Schroeter said: “Replacing phosphates is not an easy task. They are functional ingredients with sophisticated properties that cannot be easily matched. The challenge for food manufacturers is to produce a finished product while a removing these ingredients in a cost-effective way and all the while not affecting product integrity – we believe Ezimoist achieves this.

“However, the clean-label trend is here to stay and the pressure from both regulatory bodies and consumers will only continue to grow. Ezimoist allows manufacturers to keep all the benefits that they get from using phosphates by mimicking its properties, but with none of the drawbacks of using chemicals or chemically modified ingredients, making sure manufacturers’ products can be associated with naturalness.”

Ulrick & Short supplies a broad portfolio of functional ingredients for use in a variety of food categories, including bakery, meat and seafood products, soups and sauces.

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