AmazonFresh goes for gold with ‘Golden Goose’

Danny Lidgate pictured with the 24 carat 'Golden Goose'
  (Photo: AmazonFresh )

Customers are being offered the ultimate Christmas showstopper this year, as AmazonFresh has teamed up with C Lidgate to deliver a 24-carat ‘Golden Goose’. 

Available for £98.50, each goose is hand-selected from Seldom Seen Farm in Leicester. Delivered alongside the 24-carat edible gold leaf, customers must apply the decoration themselves once the bird has been cooked and rested. 

The ‘Golden Goose’ is available as of Monday 4 December and, at 4.5-5kg, serves between five and six people. 

“Rich, buttery and packed with flavour, roast goose is a great Christmas day alternative to turkey,” said fifth-generation butcher, Danny Lidgate.

“Customers are constantly seeking out food that not only tastes great, but also looks great too. What better way to achieve this than by using high-quality edible gold leaf to astonish your guests this Christmas.”

Gilding – the process of decorating things with gold leaf – was thought to be popular during the 16th century as a way of displaying wealth during banquets and was rumoured to be a favourite of King Henry VIII.

“Gilding food has long been a mark of tremendous prestige, showing off wealth and the skills of one’s cooks,” said Annie Gray, TV food historian and research associate at the University of York.

“Gold not only looked good in and of itself, but it reflected the light from fires and candles, glittering across the table and competing with the rich jewels and gold-and-silver-embroidered clothing of the privileged diners around it. In the medieval and Tudor era, gilded roast centrepieces were the ultimate showstopper on the winter feast table. A cheaper option was to use paste containing saffron or safflower, not nothing beats real edible gold.”

Cooking method

1)      Cook the goose at 190°C for two-and-a-half hours until the juices run clear or it has an internal temperature of 80°C

2)      Allow the goose to rest for 10 minutes until the skin has cooled a little

Applying the edible gold

1)      Start from where the front wing meets the breast part of the goose, by laying down the sheets of edible gold leaf

2)      Once both breasts are covered as much as possible, start laying the edible gold leaf on the thickest part of the drumstick or rear leg, moving to the sides of the goose afterwards

“By working with a butcher like C Lidgate, we are able to push culinary boundaries and provide our customers with inventive foodie experiences,” explained Panos Karouzos, head of local shops and markets for AmazonFresh.

“Packaged up with 24-carat gold leaf, our customers will be able to add a touch of luxury to their festive feasts and truly wow their guests this Christmas.”

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