Poultry processor donates quarter of a million-worth of meals

Faccenda Foods, the privately owned chicken processing company, is celebrating donating 250,000 to charity FareShare. 

After being in partnership for two years, Faccenda provides the charity with one tonne of chicken every week from its Telford site to FareShare’s West Midlands regional centre. 

Faccenda’s generosity provides 2,000 meals a week for vulnerable people living in the region. FareShare distributes the meals to over 100 frontline charities and community groups around the West Midlands. Homeless shelters, lunch clubs for older people in risk of social isolation and community centres are all examples of the organisations on the receiving end of the goodwill. 

As a result, many of the beneficiaries are able to maintain a source of protein, which they might not be able to gain otherwise.

“Working with FareShare has really made us think again about the value of the food we produce and the power it has to improve the lives of people in need,” commented Andy Dawkins, managing director of Faccenda.

“We’re all incredibly proud to support FareShare and the fantastic work they do, and look forward to continuing this for a long time to come.”

Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare, added: “As the first major poultry processor to consistently deliver chicken to FareShare week in week out, the impact of our partnership has been transformative.

“A regular supply of meat to our frontline charity members helps them provide nutritious meals for those in need and makes it easier for them to deliver services which lift people out of poverty and hunger long term. Since we started working together, Faccenda has always understood the enormous social value their food can have and they remain a very special partner two years on.” 

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