Keeping it in the family

My brother Charlie and I have always been very much part of the business – having played an active role in the business from a young age by our dad and encouraged to work weekends, very late and very early hours – It has been a way of life for nearly as long as I can remember.

We represent the fourth generation of the family business and are extremely proud to do so. Our father’s work ethic has been firmly ingrained in our daily working lives and is communicated through everything we do. We certainly knew to respect the fact that dad was ALWAYS at work, and in order to do well in life, we had to follow suit.

It is fair to say that Walter Rose & Son successfully combines the ethos of being a dynamic and modern business, whilst retaining the traditional values on which it was founded: master butchery skills, authenticity, hand-made products, personal service and attention to detail. Dad always said that he hasn’t changed anything that our great grandfather used to do, rather, it has just become fashionable!

Charlie and I complement each other’s skill sets very well; I am more customer-facing and Charlie is a brilliant organiser and overseas the operational side of the business.

Our shop has served generations of local families over the years and we would like to think that our children, Charlie’s two-year-old son Oscar and my daughter Ivy, almost eight months old will continue to serve customers of the future when they come into the family business!

Jack Cook is a member of the Walter Rose team.

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