LMC launches three-year marketing campaign

The Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC) has launched a new three-year advertising campaign, designed to encourage people across Northern Ireland to eat more Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb.

The initiative will target consumers through television, radio, print, online, social media and outdoor display advertising.

“The home market accounts for between 9% and 11% of all the beef and lamb produced here in Northern Ireland and we need to protect this asset,” said LMC’s industry development manager Colin Smith. “The new advertising campaign encourages local consumers to seek out the Farm Quality Assurance logo in shops and, if necessary, to ask retailers if they stock Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb products.

“LMC is the only organisation that promotes home-produced beef and lamb in a concerted and ongoing manner. The new promotional campaign builds on the work carried out over recent years in a very innovative way.”

Smith said that red meat was competing against other dietary protein sources on a continuing basis.

“This is particularly the case where lamb is concerned,” he said. “However, the new campaign addresses this issue head-on. A new series of lamb recipes will be unveiled over the coming weeks and months. Improving the versatility of lamb is a priority moving forward. It is a very traditional meat. However, large numbers of local consumers have never tried it. Again, the new campaign deals with this challenge very creatively.”

He said the early weeks of January would see the new campaign hit television screens, along with radio and social media. “There’s nothing like a positive start to any new initiative,” he explained. “The quality of home-produced beef and lamb has always been superior and, yes, the new promotional campaign reinforces this point.

“Social media outlets will be specifically targeted. It’s all about delivering the most versatile and relevant messages possible regarding the nutritional benefits of Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb for consumers of all ages.”

Smith also stressed the relevance of the beefandlambni.com website as a valuable source of information regarding new beef and lamb recipes, the sourcing of Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb products in Northern Ireland, and the commitment of local farmers to produce cattle and sheep of the highest quality.

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