Not quite Veganuary January

The general January chatter about the latest diet, dry January, veganuary and resolutions for healthier lives cannot have escaped your notice.  

One word I’m seeing increasingly is flexitarianism.  In a nutshell, flexitarians are eating less meat in favour of a more plant-based diet and the trend is on the rise. 

The logical conclusion for this group would be to ensure that the meat that they do eat is the best that money can buy.  Grass fed beef, for example, not only tastes better – particularly if it’s been dry aged for a minimum of 21 days – it’s also an excellent source of iron, vitamin B12 and omega 3*. 

And beef isn’t the only meat to be rich in minerals and omega 3.  Game, prevalent at this time of year, not only boasts these benefits – it is also lean, in plentiful supply and easy on the wallet.  In our desire to share the season’s bounty, we sell oven-ready birds for confident game cooks.  We’ve also made it easier for those seeking a quick solution by selling pheasant and wood pigeon breasts, venison haunch steaks, mixed diced game, jointed rabbit and the like, as well as providing a wide variety of recipes on our website

So, balance is key and it’s our job, as butchers – online or bricks and mortar – to inspire the public to buy and consume our ranges of consistently excellent quality meat.  If I were only eating meat once a week, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d want to know exactly where the meat was coming from and what kind of life the animal had lived.  Independent butchers have to be the trailblazers of quality, so collaborative relationships with farmers are crucially important.  We invest in them and they invest in their animals, rearing them with patience and passion.  So that when the public come to buy from us, flexitarian or committed carnivore, they know what they’re getting and it’s the finest possible quality.

* Source: Dr Michael Mosley “The Clever Guts Diet”

John Pallagi, co-founder of Farmison & Co, winner of National Online Butcher’s Shop of the Year Award, 2016 & 2017

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