Council backtracks on halal school meals ban

Lancashire County Council has made a U-turn on its decision to only supply halal meat from animals that have been stunned before slaughter in school meals. 

In October, the county council voted to stop selling unstunned meat when leader Cllr Geoff Driver branded the practice as “cruel”.

However, the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) said the council had not followed proper procedure, with no consultation on the issue. The LCM threatened a judicial review, leading to the council saying it would not introduce the ban at this time. There will also be a proper consultation on the matter.

In a statement, LCM welcomed the council’s decision. “Following the county council’s decision in October 2017, LCM made representations to the council against the decision. We now hope to continue working together with the county council in advancing our collective strategic interests in the field of education, health, safeguarding, community cohesion and other issues in the interest of all citizens in Lancashire and beyond.”

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