Helen Browning’s Organic Hot Dogs launched into multiples

Helen Browning’s Organic Hot Dogs are now available in 50 Morrisons stores in the south west. 

Previously only available from online stores or specialist supermarkets, this marks the first time the product has been available in a major multiple.

Helen Browning said, “We’ve reinvented the hot dog… 96% free-range, organic British pork with no fillers. We give our livestock freedom, in every sense, and they deliver great-tasting food.”

The stores will also stock Helen Browning’s Organic Speedy Sausages.

Browning added: “Unlike most UK pork production, all our pigs are reared in family groups outdoors with space and freedom to roam and forage. Our free-range organic systems encourage healthy animals, avoiding the need for routine antibiotics. We also work with five or six other British organic family-run farms like us.

“And it’s not just animal welfare and quality that set our products apart. Both Helen Browning’s Organic Hot Dogs and Speedy Sausages have been awarded for their delicious flavour.”

Helen Browning’s Organic Hot Dogs and Speedy Sausages are gluten-, nut- and dairy-free – Soil Association certified.


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