Karl Schermer has developed

a new generation of bolt stunners - the K-series. The series comprises four types of bolt stunners: Type KS, an automatic bolt-retraction system; Type KR, with bolt damping by means of rubber buffers; Type KL, with the same construction as the KR, but with elongated bolt; and the Type KC, for concussion stunning. The KS and KC benefit from a automatic bolt-retraction system to avoid sticking of the bolt in the animal's head after stunning. And even the heaviest animals will be effectively stunned with the KL, said the company. The range features powerful penetration, high slaughter capacity and significantly reduces kicking movements of the animal after stunning, which allows easier shackling, added the equipment supplier. The new range has features such as a security system for the trigger, a self-acting cartridge ejector, a quick-locking bayonet breech and low-cost, high-powered cartridges.

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