debbie & andrew’s announce increased market share

Premium sausage brand debbie & andrew’s has announced it has increased its market position, as well as grown the category and increased distribution.

According to the latest market insights debbie & andrew’s grew by 55% in the last year, five times more than total category growth.

70% of this growth is incremental to the category, attracting new shoppers into super premium as well as encouraging existing super premium shoppers to make an additional category purchase, claimed the company.

Co-owner Andrew Keeble said:  “We have the most loyal customer base compared to our competitors. Almost one-fifth (18%) of debbie & andrew’s shoppers refuse to buy any other sausages in the super premium category.

“We have spent more than 10 years building our brand on a set of strong values, based on high welfare, quality ingredients. Our customers know this and keep coming back for more.”

This brand loyalty combined with outstanding sales performance has led to increased distribution in both independents and multiples, added the firm.

In addition to the big four supermarkets, last year debbie & andrew’s became available in Budgens stores nationwide. From April, 1,800 Londis stores will also be able to stock the premium sausage brand, further building the company’s presence in the Independent sector.

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