The UK's greenest butchers

Stewarts of Enniskillen

This award-winning Northern Ireland-based business sources its electricity from local wind farms, has configured its refrigeration systems to provide heat for parts of the shop, has consolidated its deliveries through bulk ordering and uses all its own biodegradable waste to create compost for its own kitchen garden, growing vegetables and herbs for sale in the shop. A car-pooling scheme has also proved popular with the shop's staff.

Daylesford Organic

Based near Kingham in Gloucestershire, this organic farm shop not only raises its own animals and slaughters on site, it has invested in techniques and technology to reduce its impact. The business harvests rainwater from the shop's roof to water its animals and is trialling a woodchip heater, run on wood from the surrounding area.

JW Mettrick, Glossop

Has reduced both electricity and water usage within the business by 16% through simple changes, including better use of ovens and running the dishwasher on recycled water. The firm has also worked with its farmer suppliers to encourage conservation in the area and has introduced biodegradable carrier bags.

If you are running environmental initiatives in your business, let us know. Contact Ed Bedington on 01293 846567.

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