Consultancy offers farmers green advice
Published:  14 May, 2010

A top environmental consultancy is offering a free online tool to help farmers assess and reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions.

ADAS' interactive online Farm Management Resource tool, based on data from 900 farms, is available to farmers on the ADAS website. The tool is designed to help them assess whether they are needlessly wasting electricity in day-to-day operations.

Brian Angell, head of farming and rural advice at ADAS, said rising electricity and fuel prices were a grave concern for farmers, but could be mitigated with a series of low-cost measures, such as reviewing energy providers, regular machinery maintenance, reviewing day-to-day operations and ensuring all staff were aware of the importance of reducing energy throughout the business.

"Farmers are already feeling the pinch of fluctuating commodity prices and the rising cost of inputs. Factor in utility bills and government requirements to reduce CO2 emissions and some might find that their figures just don't make farming worthwhile.

"However resource efficiency assessments we've carried out suggest most farms could reduce electricity and fuel use by at least 10% and, in some instances we've found opportunities to save 60%, which equate to a very significant financial saving in an industry with tight margins."

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